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Name of Course:

Back Office Clean-Up Course 

Course Description:

Covers Resources, Terminology and Practical Applications in Multiple Streams of Income in Business Length Course: 10 week including 90 min Strategy Sessions each week.

Coaching Session: 

90min each week

Meetings Included

This 90 min includes a personal strategy session.

Brief Summary:

In this course you will gain insight and strategy on how to develop multiple streams of income. Learn the tools on developing streams of income that create long term residual income.

Resources include but not limit assistance in: Locating and establishing a facility for business, a mentor; Grant Writing, Business Language, Glossary, Business Resume, Federal Contracts, Federal Contracting, Business Acquisition; Financial Advice; Transitioning Advice and tools that can guarantee funding for specific types of businesses.

Course will include a Networking Strategy Session, Business Legal Advice Strategy Session, Financial Performance Evaluation.

Course Includes:

-Residual Business Strategy

- Step-by-Step In Grant Submission and so much more!!!!